‘Digital Editions Live’ – Workshop

25 June 2021, 3-5pm.

Methodology Workshop in cooperation with OCTET and Dark Archives.

  • Insights from the Series of 'Digital Editions Live' launches
  • Developing a framework for digital editing and exploring manuscripts online 
  • Reflections on preparing digital editions in times of lockdown
  • Development of new digital methods for teaching History of the Book
  • Further Perspectives in conjunction with the Oxford Centre for Textual Editing and Theory and initiatives at Trinity College Dublin
Miniature from the manuscript "Werken"

//creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons


For the digital edition launch events cf. ) will be accessible via . They will be linked in to the Taylor Editions https://editions.mml.ox.ac.uk/ and archived via OCTET . 

At four thematic panels, the graduate students will discuss with international guests and Oxford-based editors from OCTET and Digital Humanities methodological issues arising from the digital launches and the digital public engagement they undertook for their projects.  

  • Opening: Chris Fletcher
  • Panel A) Expanding Unicode: Encoding and Digital Challenges (chair: Stephen Pink, Dark Archives
  • Panel B) Expanding Editions: Linguistic and Philological Challenges (chair: Andrew Dunning, Medieval Manuscripts) 
  • Panel C) Expanding Knowledge: Research Challenges (chair: Dirk van Hulle, OCTET
  • Panel D) Expanding Access: Public Engagement Challenges (chair: Alex Franklin, Centre for the Study of the Book) 
  • Roundtable discussion (chair: Henrike Lähnemann)

6pm – Open Air Drinks for Oxford participants in St Edmund Hall  

Panelists for A (encoding): 

  • Sebastian Dows-Miller: Re-awakening Merton’s Beasts (Merton College, MS. 249)  
  • Eva Neufeind and Agnes Hilger: Arnold von Harff (MS. Bodley 972) 
  •  Sam Griffiths and Christian Tofte: Marginalia in Plutarch’s Vidas Paralelas (1491)  

Panelists for B (philology): 

  • Josephine Bewerunge, Molly Ford, Sam Heywood, Caroline Lehnert, Molly Lewis, Marlene Schilling: A collective edition of a German devotional miscellany (MS. Germ. e. 5)  
  • Alexandra Hertlein: Jacob Locher Panegyricus (Inc. e. G7.1497.2./Douce 73) 
  • Edmund Wareham and Alyssa Steiner: Reformation Pamphlets 

Panelists for C (knowledge): 

  • Katie Bastiman and Holly Abrahamson: Dante Ante-Purgatorio (MS. Canon.Ital. 108) 
  • Gabriel O’Regan: Le Roman de Renart (Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 360) 
  • Javaria Abbasi: Pedro de Medina’s Libro de cosmographia (1538), (MS. Canon. Ital. 243) 
  • Giuseppe Nanfitò: Boccaccio, Filocolo (MS. Canon. Ital. 85) 

Panelists for D (access): 

  • Mary Newman: The oldest Tupi manuscript (MS. Bodley 617) 
  • Lois Williams: Cân o Senn iw Hên Feistr TOBACCO (1718), NLW. North PRINT W.s. 156 
  • Daniella Apodaca: Le Roman de Flamenca DH project across editions and translations 
  • Carrie Heusinkveld: Reconsidering the Metamorphoses by Clément Marot (MS. Douce 117)